yoga free verse

I’m procrastinating writing in my journal, so here’s something I wrote last week (and have been mulling over for much longer, and will no doubt continue mulling over for longer still).  I haven’t subjected it to my usual editing process yet, and probably won’t.  It’s not supposed to be pretty.

Yoga is not the Sanskrit word for mild pabulum.
It is not a hodge podge of poorly articulated feel good philosophies,
Nor is it a shopping list of bland platitudes.
Yoga is a fierce, intense practice
Of uncovering what is most difficult and frightening and necessary
And doing those things
Without avoidance
Or drama
Or shame.


3 Responses

  1. Maybe this is why I haven’t found it within my self to practice…. I can be a bit lazy!

  2. that poem says it for me.

  3. […] Park are standing up for.  To hide my support would serve no one.  Yoga, as I’ve said before, is not a mild practice of spewing platitudes and pabulum; it’s fierce, and requires honesty […]

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