my pet dragon: Mountains and Cities – a review

I remember listening to an interview with Gord Downie from The Tragically Hip a few years ago.  He talked about how during the early days of the band, before they found critical and popular success, he began feeling as though he had a secret.  He and the rest of the band knew they were producing great music, but the rest of the world (okay, well, the rest of Canada) didn’t know it yet.

I know what he meant, because I, too, am in on a secret.

Thanks to an inside connection, I managed to score a pre-release copy of My Pet Dragon’s new LP, Mountains and Cities.  People, this album is GREAT.  This is music to play while celebrating private victories over personal demons.  This is music to play while you dance around your apartment wearing tube socks and a tank top, singing into the handle of your hair brush.  This is music to play after deciding that no, Adele’s (otherwise very fine) new record is not going to help you get over your break-up, it is time to stop wallowing and start embracing the good.  (Not that I’m speaking from personal experience, of course.)

“Well sure,” I can hear you all thinking, “that’s all very well and good, and lord knows I love dancing around my apartment in tube socks and a tank top, but what’s the music like?”  Luscious melodies.  Lovely, lovely soundscapes.  Gorgeously layered vocals.  Beautiful, evocative guitar work.  These are really well crafted and produced pop songs that are somehow not just pop songs, but something soaring beyond.  It’s hard to pick out favourite tracks; every song on this album is clearly a work of art and an act of love, and every song feels like my favourite when it starts to play.  And part of me wants to keep this to myself, because the album is that good, but the better part of me knows that I should play nice and share.

My Pet Dragon, Mountains and Cities – the record drops on 2nd August.  Just buy it.  You’ll thank me later.  Or maybe you’ll forget to thank me later, but I’ll know that you meant to.


2 Responses

  1. I totally need a copy! I’m not sure if i have tube socks, but i’ve got plenty of tanks!!

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