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You know… I was going to write a post about three goddesses (Artemis, Kali, Sedna) with whom I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately, and to whom I sometimes pray*, but I realised a few weeks ago that these three, specifically, are probably the absolute worst goddesses to pray to.  They don’t really answer prayers.  They just tend to destroy things or kill people when they get involved in human affairs (Artemis perhaps not quite so much as the others, but still).  They’re the sorts of goddesses that rational people would hope to be left the hell alone by.  Interesting that I seem to resonate best with deities who share that unifying characteristic.  Fools rush in, as they say.

So while I work though my mixed feelings about all of that, instead I’ll write a few words about Michelle McAdorey (who, as far as I’m aware, does not have any supernatural powers, nor a pronounced bent on destroying mankind).  She fronted a Toronto band called Crash Vegas in the 90’s, and their first album, Red Earth, is still one of my favourites.  Her voice is absolutely lovely.  Crash Vegas released two more albums, then she released a solo album, Whirl (all of which are out of print).  Then, if Google searches are to be trusted, she sort of disappeared from the music scene.  She has a myspace page that doesn’t seem to be in use, but seems to have very little other web presence.  No website that I could find, inactive fan groups on facebook.  Oh, my search provided lots of other tantalizing information; she’s the girl in the Blue Rodeo video for Try, she rode the rails in north Ontario while writing the songs on Whirl, and she was in the 80s band Corect Spelling (also known both “Cold Fish” and “Sushi”).  But there seemed to be no record of what she’s doing now.

Well, this all piqued my curiosity further.  It’s so rare that anyone with even the slightest modicum of renown can elude the interwebs so completely.  Also (and this was my initial and primary purpose), I still wanted to see if I could track down her solo album.  Ebay has been completely unhelpful (likewise maplemusic), and Amazon Marketplace lists just one copy for sale, with an asking price of a whopping $199.94.  Gentle readers, I am a fan of her work, but I do have my limits (ie, low double digits to the left of the decimal point, max).

So with high hopes and low expectations I Google searched again, and at the bottom of the page, under the heading “Searches related to…”, I found a surprising and helpful suggestion.  Following the first link provided by the suggested search gave me an answer to the question of what she’s doing now.  Apparently, she’s a yoga teacher now, at an Ashtanga studio in Toronto.  Wow!  That’s not at all the answer I was expecting.  But why not?  Doesn’t it make sense that yoga would be the force uniting everything that I like?

I’m not sure what my next move will be.  I was hoping this search would end with a website where I could order her CD, not an actual real life person who’s just an email away.  Do I email her, introduce myself as a fan, and politely ask if she has any idea where I could pick up her out of print album?  Maybe.  Maybe not, though.  I sure as hell wouldn’t want someone bugging me about things I was doing twenty years ago.  Guess I’ll mull it over.

*Yes, I’m an agnostic yoga teacher who sometimes prays.  I don’t see much of any conflict in that, but that is the topic of another blog post altogether.


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  1. Just listening to one of my favourite records of al time, Aurora by Crash Vegas. Started internet searching and pretty much had the same experience/thoughts you did about looking for Michelle’s music, wondering how I could contact and would it be weird. Stumbled upon your blog entry about her…nice to find someone else who loves her work.

  2. Thanks Dean! I’ve been wondering lately whether it’s an intrusion of her privacy to have this post up, but since I haven’t written anything that isn’t already written elsewhere on the web, I guess I’ll leave it up, at least for now.

  3. This may add to your exasperation, in so far as CD searches are concerned, but there was a follow up to Whirl. In 2003 McAdorey and Eric Chenaux released an album called Love Don’t Change on the Rat-Drifting label. I think it may be even harder to find than Whirl, alas. I don’t quite remember where I got my copy, but I imagine I ordered it from a small online retailer. It very much picks up musically where Whirl left off, perhaps a bit more experimental. A coupld of the tracks can be found at: http://www.myspace.com/michellemcadorey

  4. Gah!!! Thanks for the info Marc, it does indeed add to my exasperation. But good to know.

  5. Red Earth will forever be one of my all-time favs. I saw Crash Vegas live many times right up until they called it quits. A shame. They were great – wonderful sound and some strong contributions from Greg
    Keelor – but just never “made it.” I’ve found a lot of people who really got into that first record. Colin married Kathleen Edwards and is still in the business. Otherwise I think they all moved on to other occupations. I own Whirl and Love Don’t Change. I really like the former, not as much the latter. The solo albums are definitely different from the three CV releases. I bought them at Art Metropole in Toronto, by the way, years ago. http://www.artmetropole.com/

    Cheers, -W.

  6. Thanks Wayne. I agree 100% about Red Earth. Really wish I’d seen them live. I knew about Colin marrying Kathleen Edwards, who I saw a few years ago opening for the Indigo Girls. I’ve been listening to Aurora a lot lately (based on a previous commenter’s recommendation), and it’s pretty great. Stone never quite resonated with me.

  7. I believe she is in the midst of recording another album, due late 2012. That’s what I hear.

  8. Haha. ‘Lodestar’ just came on my iPod and prompted me to track Michelle (in the middle of a work rush)… I am glad to have found this micro-community of curious people. I also tried to track her solo record a while back… – unsuccessfully.

    I also have fond memories of seeing Crash Vegas several times in Montreal, at the Club Soda and Café Campus. Once I got a tip and waited for them with a couple of friends at their hotel (they were kind and hung out for a few minutes). Good ol’ days.

    Colin Cripps & Kathleen Edwards are now divorced; her latest album is actually her ‘breakup album’. That’s just too bad, I loved his signature guitar work with her.

    Contrary to what others may say, I think it would be fair (and probably flattering) to send Michellle a courteous email her regarding her CDs. Best case, she’ll be flattered and will try to help (why wouldn’t she?). Worst case, she moved on and will ignore your request. Unless you show up at her Ashtanga studio as a tattooed with her name and likeness, chanting her songs (and attempting to pray to her), I don’t see why she’d be freaked out.

    Good luck and keep us posted!


    • Thanks for posting, Fred! And welcome to the micro community that I’ve inadvertently brought together! My brother is a big, big fan of Kathleen Edwards, so, yeah, I knew her last album was about her breakup with Colin Cripps.

      I did end up ponying up the $100 bucks for Whirl. I’m still mulling it over. Very, very different from the CV albums. I like Spell It Out With Stars A LOT.

  9. I recently bought two used CDs of Crash Vegas’s albums off Amazon because I’d worn out the tapes I purchased in the Early 90’s. I would love it if she came out with some new music.

  10. i’ve actually got both Whirl and Love Don’t Change in my collection and stumbled across the blog post wondering what she’s been up to…i saw crash vegas back in 1995 when i went to mcgill for a semester in montreal…fantastic show…glad to hear rumors of something else musically in the works!

  11. Thanks for commenting, Andrew and Jason. Let’s nip the rumour thing in the bud, though – I haven’t heard anything about that apart from Xav’s comment. Though obviously, it would make us all very happy if it turns out to be true.

    You guys are killing me with stories of seeing CV live! Totally jealous.

    • I think I saw them 3x (if not 4x) in Montreal between ’92 and ’95. I still have a ticket stub or two. — I’ll mail you one if it makes your day, — perhbaps in exchange for an Mp3 of the song ‘Spell it out with stars’?

    • Thanks Mike! Unfortunately, MM has listed that album as Currently Not Available for years. I ended up buying a used copy about a year ago. I’m still mulling the album over. It’s very different. Sometimes, though, it is exactly what I want to listen to.

  12. Take heart MM fans.
    According to article about Blue Rodeo by Stephen Cooke published in the Halifax Chronicle Herald,
    “Blue Rodeo takes a hiatus after this tour ends, before finishing the final third of its next project. During the break (Greg) Keelor will be busy at his farm studio, recording tracks for former Crash Vegas singer Michelle McAdorey.”

  13. Great news! Michelle’s new single was released yesterday on Seventh Fire Records as part of their 7” vinyl series.

    She also has a brand new Facebook page (Michelle Mcadorey)


    where you can get further info about how to buy the record, her new website address, and a link to both sides of the single on SoundCloud.

    I hear an album is indeed in the works. Hopefully we will get to hear it later this year and maybe we will even get to see her perform live sooner than later.


  14. @m_mcadorey is Michelle’s personal/professional twitter account, she also has a Facebook page. She is very much alive and kicking as a singer/songwriter. There is a new LP ‘Into Her Future’ scheduled for release on October 30th 2015. First single is ‘Disappearing Things’, available to stream and share https://soundcloud.com/michellemcadorey/disappearing-things Whirl is available from Bandcamp at the much more reasonable price of $10.00. The Crash Vegas LPs are all currently out of print, although that may change in the next few months, @crashvegas is the official account for the band’s legacy as well as updates on the whats and whereabouts of the previous members.

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