I’ve been writing a lot of serious stuff about yoga lately, so I thought I’d lighten it up a bit with a memory.

When I was little, on car trips I’d look at the highway median and think that it would be the perfect place to hide out for someone on the lam.  Who would think to look there?  And wouldn’t the four lanes of asphalt hide your scent well enough from police dogs?  (Do they even actually use dogs to track people who are on the lam?  And does anyone but me say “on the lam”?)  There’s usually a copse of trees, not quite dense enough to hide someone who’s standing, but probably enough to hide someone who stays low and is well camouflaged.  Food could be problematic, but I figured there was probably enough edible plant life in the median to make do.  Plus, you know, road kill, if you’re not too picky about your protein sources.


One Response

  1. Nice idea, except the road kill would probably be a human being trying to cross to spend time with you on the median if you had made it there.

    I think old detective shows say ‘on the lam’ – not that it isn’t a great phrase.

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