When Math Geeks Get Bored

Limitations of my analysis:

  • Several shirts fell into multiple categories; most notably, there was overlap between the Canada and Travel/Event categories.  However, for the purposes of this graph, each shirt only contributed to one category.
  • Some of these shirts, I have not worn for years.  Some I have never worn.  Perhaps at some point I’ll redo this as a nested pie chart showing both all shirts and just shirts in high rotation.
  • I did not include the two unwanted t-shirts my brother-in-law snuck into my car when I visited him and my sister 2 weeks ago, because that was t-shirt subterfuge and I refuse to acknowledge that they are now mine.  Also they’re way too big for me.
  • I have a lot of t-shirts.

3 Responses

  1. You love wicking more than Canada??? For shame.

  2. I might…just might. But I’m too lazy to do the color wheel. I don’t consider wicking short sleeve shirts to be t-shirts though.

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