I found the following written on a sheet of paper on my clipboard; I guess it was about six months ago that I made the following notes:

  • the absurd fallacy that in me, the universe has finally created the perfect deconstructivist
  • liberating myself from the luxury of escape was only possible when I’d freed myself of its necessity
  • there is an infinite number of possible outcomes in any situation; it’s just human devising which assigns the categories “Success” and “Failure”
  • Easter – celebration of rebirth.  But when you focus exclusively on rebirth and pay no heed to the necessary precursor, death, then you’re just focusing on the reward and not on the work.  It’s putting the horse before the cart.

The second point still rings true, and I could probably spend a lot more ink or pixels or what have you fleshing out the idea further, but I don’t know if it needs it.  Seems pretty self-explanatory on its own; those who get it will get it without further explanation, and those who don’t won’t get it no matter how much more fleshed out it is.  I will note that my recognition of my changing relationship with escape is a source of some relief for me.

There, now I can throw out that sheet of paper.  One less thing on my clipboard!


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