Someone asked me today if I had three channels to watch – the anger channel, the misery channel, and the sunshine channel – which would I choose to watch? It was an unfair question; obviously I was supposed to choose the sunshine channel. But just as obviously, I guess, I don’t think that’s the choice I’d actually make. What possible benefit could you glean from closing yourself off to certain inevitable avenues of human experience, unsavoury though they may be? We are all going to experience anger and misery in our lives; being open to them allows us to figure out how to work with them more intelligently and sensitively than by just running away. There is an emotional rawness which can only be tapped through anger, and there is a sweetness on the other side of fully-realised misery that you will not find anywhere else. So I wouldn’t choose to watch just the sunshine and puppies and lollipops channel. I would watch all three. And so I do.


2 Responses

  1. yes, I agree. except when I'm in the midst of misery.

  2. Wow, you have your own fortune cookies.

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