asana sequence

I taught this on Sunday, and I think most of the class didn’t know what hit ’em, so I want to record it for posterity (and so I can teach it again):

Start in down dog. Inhale forward to a plank.
Take side plank (vasistasana) on the right side. Left hand grips left big toe in yogi toe grip, and left leg is extended to the ceiling.
Inhaling, lunge the left foot forward and come onto the ball of the right foot. Take a few breaths in the lunge, both hands on the floor.
Then lunge the right foot forward and past the left foot, taking the right big toe in yogi toe grip with the right hand, and extending the right leg forward as you come up to stand. (padangusthasana).
Inhale – open the right leg up to the right, bringing the gaze to the left. Breathe.
Exhale the right leg forward, back into padangusthasana, then inhaling, sweep the right leg behind you, taking hold of the top of the right foot and extending the left arm up to the ceiling. (dancer pose – natarajasana).
Transition into half moon, ardha chandrasana, by releasing the right leg, extending the right hand to the ceiling, and bringing the left hand to the floor. Hips stack, shoulders stack.
After a few breaths, bring the right hand to the floor and the left hand up towards the ceiling for parivrtta ardha chandrasana.
Then bring both hands to the floor, and extend the back leg (right leg) up towards the ceiling for standing split (can’t remember the Sanskrit – something eka pada something).
Then, bending in the left knee, jump back to three legged down dog, move through a vinyasa, and return to down dog.
Repeat on the left side.

2 Responses

  1. Nice posting. Do you know about these yoga books?

  2. Wow! Thanks for the link, I didn't know about that.It sometimes boggles my mind to think of the things for which we dish out money, when the greatest wisdom in the history of the world is available for free.

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