Grace, Too

Well, this afternoon after work I hit one of my goals for this year (or got as close as I could, anyway). I biked from the village up to the Mohonk Mountain House. The goal, originally, was to bike up to sky top, but I couldn’t find any bikeable trails from the mountain house to the tower. Even getting as far as I did required me to ride on trails I probably shouldn’t have been riding on (but they were poorly marked for bicycle use, so I’m not sure). It was about 1100 feet of elevation gain over… I don’t know. Maybe eight miles each way? Most of it carriage trails or hiking trails. My thighs are not as sore as I thought they’d be, surprisingly. I’m glad my knees didn’t give out. In reference to my earlier post today, I didn’t wear a tablecloth skirt or knee high socks. Sorry to disappoint. Maybe next time. No pink clips either. Good thing I didn’t know they made pink clips when I bought my new bike, I never would have gone clipless.

This afternoon’s ride opens up other possibilities to me – if I can bike that far into Mohonk and connect with the carriage trail network (it only took me an hour to get to the mountain house), basically the entire Shawangunk ridge is available to me. I could bike out to Minnewaska, swim my laps, then bike home. Wow. Just… wow. I wonder if I will.

Every now and then, I remember what a lump I used to be; how in my teens and early twenties I never got any exercise or did anything aerobic. Times change, I guess.

I’m not really sure why, but this is the song that was playing in my head while I was riding. And I did, in fact, exhibit some grace; I didn’t fall over on this ride!


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  1. Setting high goals – good for you!

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