Qualified pleasures

After wanting one for years, I finally bought an ice cream maker last weekend, off of Craig’s list. So, so, so not a good idea! I mean, I’m lactose intolerant. What was I thinking? I made a quart of vanilla on Monday, a quart of mocha on Tuesday, and a quart of coconut vanilla this morning (no, I’m not eating it all by myself; I’ve been sharing the wealth). It’s sooo good, but oy, the repercussions.

A few other things that have made me smile lately: the kids in my condo complex racing down the driveway on their razor scooters (or whatever they’re called); one kid standing at the bottom of the hill as a lookout to make sure the others don’t become road kill. It reminds me of the sort of thing my brother and my neighbour and I used to do way back when, except we probably would have been lighting something on fire, too. Also, the woman at the ice cream shop (which for reasons made clear by the above paragraph I haven’t been frequenting of late) still (since last year) has her Manic Panic pink hair; I think it’s the same shade that I dyed my own hair about two years ago. (“Pretty Flamingo” – it glows under ultraviolet light! Stop laughing!) Also, the other yoga teachers I’ve been taking class with lately have been talking a lot about breath work and prana; this gives me hope that my fellow yogis are ready and eager for the pranayam class I’ll be teaching on Wednesday. I’m still nervous about it, but I finished my planning yesterday, so I’m as prepared as I can hope to be.


2 Responses

  1. That is hilarious that you are lactose intolerant and bought an ice cream maker! Just pop those pills to help digest it…

  2. Well, we all have our crosses to bear. I seem to bear my in the bathroom most of the time.

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