Battlestar Galactica – penultimate episode

So, Adama has changed his mind, and he and his crew of volunteers (both human and cylon) are going to jump into the lion’s den to try to save little kidnapped Hera after all. I like this. What an essentially human thing to do – risk the lives of many for the good of one. Courageous, irrational, hopeless, sacrificial. I know there’s a bigger explanation given in the context of the show, but what I keep coming back to is many for one. This really highlights the difference between man and machine, which obviously has been a theme throughout the show. We can make decisions for emotional reasons rather than rational ones. We do this all the time. Actually, I have a theory that emotion is the driving force behind essentially all of our decisions; rationality and logic are thin veneers that we apply after the fact to keep ourselves from feeling vulnerable or foolish. The world becomes much softer and more plastic when one starts to look at it this way.

I am both looking forward to and dreading the final episode tomorrow night. There has been a lot of food for thought in this programme.


3 Responses

  1. Really looking forward to the “this has all happened before and will happen again” explanation.

  2. As am I, or perhaps more appropriately, so say we all!

  3. cannot read either this post or the next one. someday want to watch the show…

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