OMG, there he is, it’s EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!! He’s SOOO dreamy! I just have to scream in the middle of this crowded movie theatre! OMG, new scene and there he is again! More screaming! I just can’t take it! Oh Edward, walk out of the screen and come to me! All the other girls in my 8th grade class don’t understand you, but I do!!! OMG!!!!

So… I went to see Twilight on Friday night. Let me tell you, watching a teen vampire movie on opening night in a theatre in which almost every other seat is filled by 13 year old girls ramped up on Pepsi, Milk Duds, and burgeoning endocrine systems is an experience like no other. I think I may have permanently lost some of the high range of my hearing.

I went with my friends T, E, and R. We were pretty much the only ones in the theatre over the age of 30. Well, we were pretty much the only ones in the theatre over the age of 14. So while the rest of the audience was screeching, I was thinking about Freud’s theories of motivation and how that relates to why vampire stories are so compelling. According to Freud, eros and thanatos drive us in varying proportions through everything we do. But thanatos (death instinct) is terrifying. Vampire stories work, perhaps, because they remove some of the edge from thanatos (vampires can’t die), and translate it to something else (they are compelled to kill). They are foreign creatures because they are removed from human frailty by immortality, but they are familiar and romantic because they are still driven by eros.

Or, you know, whatever.

I really liked the movie, but it probably wouldn’t grab the attention of anyone who isn’t at least partially enthralled by teen melodrama and the undead. I really want to read the books now. I’ll have to see if the library has them.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, that’s so hilarious! You and a bunch of 14 year olds!

  2. I’m a teacher. Lately, all I have heard about is TWILIGHT. I have actually thought about reading the book. You went to the actual movie!? You are a braver man than I my friend.

  3. Well, you know, not being a teacher myself, I’m not totally overwhelmed with that sort of stuff on a day to day basis. Otherwise, I probably would have given it a wide berth too.

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