The horror!

The Hudson Valley Horrors Roller Derby team, that is. I have a few friends on the team, and they twisted my arm to work security for their match last night (roller derby girls can be very persuasive). This was my first exposure to the roller derby world, and it was amazing! Or, since they lost the bout to the visiting New Skids On The Block team from Montreal, perhaps I should say emerveillĂ©! On Friday I told my supervisor that I’d be working security for a roller derby match over the weekend, and she told me that I always do the most interesting things of anyone she knows. I talked about this with some friends (fellow single friends) on Sunday afternoon, and we agreed that a boon of being unattached is that one is sometimes impelled to seek out passtimes that the rest of the world finds very peculiar (admittedly, cause and effect are a bit grey here).

And more horrors – Hallowe’en. My favourite holiday; a good old fashioned celebration of darkness, both literal and figurative, which has been all but completely denigrated into yet another orgy of capitalistic gluttony. Thank you, Walmart. Thank you, Madison Avenue. Thanks a fucking lot. Wasn’t Christmas enough for you? And Thanksgiving? Couldn’t you leave one holy day on the calendar (albeit a holy day for a religion that is no longer in vogue) without turning it into a feeding frenzy devoid of meaning or reflection? We don’t deal with darkness well in this culture. We run from it whenever we can; use our gadgets and crappy philosophies and distractions to pretend death and sadness and anger don’t exist. But they do.


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  1. Roller derby seems to be the up and coming thing these days… Sounds like it was fun!

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